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Mercedes sees a million romantic candles all over every surface of the apartment, and immediately thinks GOD DAMNIT BLAINE NOT AGAIN. [x]


glee 5.16 Tested


This is the post I didn’t want to make last night but here we go:

I’m done.

There are a lot of things I thought Glee could ruin for me but I never thought it would be Kurt and Blaine. The Break-up didn’t do it but season 5 ironically did.

They got engaged and that’s the most positive thing we’ve seen all season. Everything else was just.

I’m not here for jealous Blaine or an engaged couple who can only handle six months living together and fight about boundaries whose only solution is to just stop living together. Kurt can survive living with Rachel and spending all his time with Rachel but he can’t handle living With Blaine? Making Blaine feel welcome? Okay.

Blaine is insecure because Kurt is hotter and stronger than him? He can’t protect him? And it has nothing to do with Bash? Okay.

And yeah I’m pissed that there were so many little things about Blaine that the episode last night sought out to ruin. That he’s a good eater, that he can fence, that he likes old black and white movies.

I guess I’m a fucking Blaine Stan whatever but I don’t appreciate them undoing everything I love about Blaine in canon.

I’m not happy with Glee anymore. I’m not happy with the direction Kurt and Blaine are going. They have had some kind of problem every New York episode so far (although it looks like we will get a reprieve next week because it’s so Rachel heavy) and I wasn’t expecting constant sunshine and rainbows but I was expecting some happiness so I could see how much they love each other without having to reassure everyone that they do when things go wrong.

I’m not happy anymore.

I’m done

Glee Episode 5x20 Title


The Untitled Rachel Berry Project